About MOT
In this coming November, we will open the museum;
"MOT: MUSEUM OF TRAVEL" for a limited time.

It will be located in the Hill Side West,
one of the complex buildings along kyu yamate-dori realized after more then 30 years
by a representative architect of Japan, Mr. Fumihiko Maki.
it is open from 5th to 27th of November, 2005.
We will have various experiences with visitors to the museum.
We also plan to hold some events before opening.

The theme of MOT is "Encounter of Different Perspectives".
You may have an experience to go for travel and see ordinary things as unordinary,
by taking a distance from daily life.

By a tool of Museum,
MOT will offer the opportunities to "Encounter of Different Perspectives",
through exhibitions, events, parties, a shop and a cafe.

We are looking forward to having each visitor
encountering many people and objects,
sharing experiences at the same time in the same place,
by watching, listening, talking, thinking, eating and drinking in our museum,
and taking them back into their everyday life after.

Let's see what unordinary perspectives will make you think.
# by mot05_e | 2005-10-04 10:02
Collection of Pictures
We collect the pictures of overseas travels for MOT.
The pictures will be divided into countries or areas,
and exhibited in the museum in the size of 89x127mm (L size).

What to Collect?

Pictures taken on overseas travel (around 30,000)

When to Collect?

No later than 31st of October, 2005 (Japanese Time)

Who can join?

Anybody of any nationality at any age, who lives in Japan

How to Collect?

No more than 3 pictures from one country
Please attach your pictures to an email and send to mot@adfr.org (Inoue)
Please write the following information in the mail.

Title: Travel Pictures
1. Names of countries and areas
2. Names of cities (If you know)
3. Date (If you remember)

If you send pictures of more than 2 countries, please note each country and place of them.
ex. "ooo.jpg" for pictures of Korea, "ooo.jpg" for pictures of China

Details of picture data
Style: JPEG
Size: more than 640x480 pixel (graphic mode: 72dpi)

We will use the collected pictures ONLY for MOT project.
If the picture is taken at the boarder of countries, please name the countries.
Any picture is fine, such as the ones you took during your study or business abroad,
except the pictures of mother countries of whom from foreign countries.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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About MOT Committee
MOT Committee is a temporary official organization for Daikanyama Installation 2005, since September, 2005. We plan and create museums in Hill Side West.
The staffs are from different fields, such as contemporary art, design, advertising, Web, planning sales, and editing. We provide the place for encounter with people who have diverse values, through the projects held in Daikanyama.
# by mot05_e | 2005-10-04 09:59